These 3 fields may seem similar, but are actually completely different. Understanding the uses of the fields plays a vital part in the search rank, and user interaction. The 3 fields are used as follows:

  1. Tagline - This field is used for a business ''slogan'', or short 3 - 6 word description. This will be displayed in search results and gives users a glimpse of what the business is about. This should be short and powerful.
  2. Keywords - This field is used for search ranking. Users will NOT see the content entered here at all, only when a user searches a keyword, and this is not included in your listing details, if included in keywords the listing will show up as a result. So for example; A web designer creates a stunning page, with a long description, but refers to the trade as web designer. When some enters the keyword  ''developer'' the business will not show up. It is therefore important to include as many keywords as possible.
  3. Description - A detailed description explaining your expertise, market and how you can provide the service in question. Users like information. The more information you provide, the more a user trusts and legitimises the business. It is therefore that we require a minimum of 90 characters for this field. Based on the data we have, we recommend a minimum of 140 characters.
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